free verse love fable

Photo by Emma Harper on Unsplash

You haven’t been back

I came to get you.

I got over a witch,

bigger and taller than me,

wielding against her

the stick of a forgotten


I swallowed my tears

of desertion and despair

and I saw you

on that cot

in your blood-stained

night dress:

your love had hit you

to take you down

because he thought

you were without

me. By now.


I alone believed

one day

I would have picked you up.

And now here I am.

I made you a promise

-the one of mothers

talking with their inhabited belly

by an unknown life.

I promised I would

have pick you up.

However, Wherever.

I would have erased the blood

from your face.

I would have felt

your squirrel bones.

I would have listened to your whisper

again and again,

because a mother goes

and gets her daughter back.

Then I saw you leave,

my heart tight in a vice.

I left you follow your brutal love.

I waited for you beyond the lake

I scanned the horizon as an insane refugee

And I saw you come back.

Again and now, you are here.

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